Affiliate Agreement

This Affiliate Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into between Lauren Grace Inspirations, from now on referred to as the “Company,” and the undersigned individual, from now on referred to as the “Affiliate,” collectively referred to as the “Parties.” Any mention of “Enlightened Efficiency for Spiritual Entrepreneurs,” “Enlightened Efficiency and ChatGPT for the Spiritual Entrepreneur,” or “Enlightened Efficiency for the Spiritual Entrepreneur” and “ChatGPT for the Spiritual Entrepreneur” “The Enlightened Efficiency Program for Soul-Led Entrepreneurs” shall collectively be referred to as “courses.” It is important to note that any reference to a specific course or program created by the Company encompasses all courses and programs offered by the Company.

Our current, official, valid Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy and Affiliate Agreements are accessible on our website. Any alternative or varied terms are rendered null and void.


Lauren Grace Inspirations offers courses, programs, products and services designed to empower individuals seeking personal and professional growth.

Affiliate Participation: The Affiliate shall have the opportunity to promote the Company’s courses, programs, products and services and earn commissions as outlined in three tier structures.

Affiliate Link Requirement:

The Affiliate acknowledges and agrees that to qualify for commissions, all sales must be generated through their designated and exclusive affiliate link. This affiliate link will be furnished upon the Affiliate’s approval as an Affiliate through the Lauren Grace Inspirations website, using Easy Affiliate.

Tax Responsibilities: The Affiliate is an independent contractor solely responsible for any tax liabilities or obligations arising from earned commissions. Affiliates are responsible for declaring the income derived from affiliate marketing and fulfilling corresponding tax obligations as stipulated by legal frameworks.

Affiliate Link Disclosure: As an affiliate, it’s imperative to incorporate clear disclosures in your content. You should indicate when a link is an affiliate link by including a disclosure statement or using a hashtag like #ad or #affiliatelink.

The Affiliate agrees to promote the Company’s courses, programs, products and services truthfully and ethically.

The Affiliate shall not engage in practices that may harm the Company’s reputation or the quality of its offerings. The Company retains the sole discretion to immediately remove an Affiliate or any of its affiliated offers without prior notice.

This decision may be undertaken based on a range of factors, encompassing but not limited to instances of non-compliance with the terms and conditions stipulated in this Agreement, engagement in unethical marketing practices, or involvement in actions that have the potential to impact the reputation or broader interests of the Company negatively.

The Company’s ability to exercise this prerogative aims to safeguard the inherent integrity and maintain the high quality of its affiliate program and its various offerings. This proactive approach ensures that the Company can uphold its commitment to excellence, uphold ethical standards, and maintain the trust of its affiliates and the broader community. Such removal will also result in the Affiliate no longer having access to any purchases made from Lauren Grace Inspirations.

Through your engagement in our affiliate partnership, it’s understood that upon purchasing and promoting our course(s), and programs, you acknowledge and consent to refraining from altering, editing, copying, reproducing, creating derivative works, reverse engineering, enhancing, or exploiting the courses, programs, products or services in any manner, unless given written permission from the Company.

By acquiring our courses, programs, products and services, you affirm that the courses, and programs obtained are for your personal or business use and may not be sold or distributed without explicit written authorization from the Company. Engaging in the creation of derivative works from the courses, or programs or offering competing products or services based on the course and/or program content is prohibited and would constitute a breach of these terms.

The Company does not provide warranties pertaining to any aspect of the course(s) and program or related materials offered in connection with the course(s) and programs. To the fullest extent permissible by applicable laws, the Company disclaims all implied warranties, including fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, timeliness, and merchantability.

You, as the Affiliate, acknowledge your full responsibility for your progress and results. The Company does not present any verbal or written representations, warranties, or guarantees regarding your future earnings, business profit, customer growth, task reduction, productivity increase, marketing performance, or any results.

The Affiliate acknowledges that any courses, programs, products, and services purchased from the Lauren Grace Inspirations website are solely the purchaser’s responsibility. This includes understanding the acquired materials’ terms, content, and usage. The Affiliate agrees that Lauren Grace Inspirations holds no liability for the use, outcomes, or effects of the purchaser’s engagement with the provided courses, programs, products, or services. It is essential for the purchaser to thoroughly review and comprehend the details of their acquisitions to ensure they align with their needs and expectations.

The Affiliate understands that Lauren Grace Inspirations’ products, programs, courses, and services are exclusively intended for informational and educational purposes.

The information presented on the Company’s website, as well as the resources accessible for viewing and downloading through the website, are strictly designed to provide information and facilitate education. It’s imperative to acknowledge that the content available on this website, our course pages, and the downloadable resources should not be interpreted or construed as legal, financial, tax, medical, health, or any other form of professional advice.

The Company does not intend for the information to serve as professional guidance, and it is advised to seek appropriate expertise from qualified professionals when dealing with matters pertaining to those domains. * For up-to-date terms and conditions, please see Privacy Policy + Terms and Conditions on

The Affiliate’s earned commissions will be disbursed monthly, following the Company’s designated payout schedule.

The Affiliate retains the option to request early commission payouts at any juncture; however, it is advised that 3-4 business days be allowed to process these requests.

To initiate the release of any commissions, the Affiliate must provide an invoice that accurately reflects the amount owed from Lauren Grace Inspirations.

The specific commission amount can be readily accessed by the Affiliate through their dedicated dashboard on the official Lauren Grace Inspirations website.

The Company retains the authority to adjust the commission structure, terms, and policies as deemed necessary. All payments will be processed in Australian Dollars and subsequently converted to the preferred currency using the prevailing exchange rate on platforms such as Stripe, Paypal, or Google at the time of payment.


Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, by providing written notice to the other party.

Termination of this Agreement shall result in the cessation of commission payments.

The Parties acknowledge that this Agreement is not intended to create an employment or agency relationship.

All commission management processes are managed exclusively through Easy Affiliate. All payments will be via bank transfer, PayPal transfer or stripe payment. As a result, any modifications or alterations to their systems fall beyond the scope of control for Lauren Grace Inspirations. Therefore, Lauren Grace Inspirations bears no responsibility or liability for any challenges or issues that may arise from this payment process.

By purchasing our products, programs, services and courses, including but not limited to: “Enlightened Efficiency for Spiritual Entrepreneurs”, “Enlightened Efficiency and ChatGPT for the Spiritual Entrepreneur”, and/or “Enlightened Efficiency for the Spiritual Entrepreneur/Soul-Led Entrepreneur”, “ChatGPT for the Spiritual Entrepreneur/Soul-Led Entrepreneur”, “Powerful Productivity”, courses at $56 USD (the affiliate rate) and agreeing to be an affiliate, the Parties acknowledge their acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in this Affiliate Agreement and the Affiliate PDF which includes all the Tier structures and their respective agreements.

Tier Structures

Three affiliate tier structures will pave the way for your success as a valued affiliate:

Tier 1: Keep it Simple (15% Commission):

    • The Affiliate shall share insights and understanding of the program with their audience.
    • For every successful referral that leads to a sign-up based on the Affiliate’s endeavours, the Affiliate will receive a commission of 15% of the sale price.

Tier 2: Training and Engagement (25% Commission):

    • Advancement to Tier 2 shall occur upon the Affiliate completing the mandatory courses and modules associated with the Company’s offerings. These are Enlightened Efficiency for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and ChatGPT for Spiritual Entrepreneurs. The Affiliate is required to notify Lauren Grace Inspirations of their achievement by sending an email to Once you do so, you will be bumped up to 25% commission.
    • The Affiliate must commit to a minimum of five marketing efforts per week to remain at 25% commission. Approved marketing efforts encompass one-on-one interactions (such as DMs, text messages, in-person offers), cold calling, Facebook groups, social media posts, videos, stories, podcasts, interview mentions, newsletter features, and any other active methods aimed at promoting our programs and offers. If you want additional support/ideas let us know. Furthermore, the Affiliate is responsible for communicating this commitment and demonstrating their marketing initiatives to the team at Lauren Grace Inspirations.
    • The Affiliate shall receive a 25% commission (ongoing) on the sale price upon meeting the requirements.

Tier 3: Sustained Excellence (40% Commission):

    • The Affiliate shall qualify for Tier 3 by consistently achieving a minimum of 10-program monthly sales for three consecutive months for Lauren Grace Inspirations.
    • Upon consistently maintaining this performance level, the Affiliate shall enjoy an ongoing 40% commission rate, which will remain in effect until this offer is no longer available.

These tiers are designed to empower and reward your efforts in promoting our programs, products and services. As you progress, your rewards increase, reflecting your commitment and impact.

Please note a condition arises when an affiliate purchases an Affiliate program from the Company for $56 USD (this is not required for the tier 1 stage). A stipulation is triggered if the Affiliate does not attain a minimum of five sales within the initial three-month starting date from their first-course login. In such a scenario, the Affiliate assumes the responsibility of meeting an obligation: they must cover the prevailing sales price of the relevant program, less their initial investment of $56 USD.

The applicable sales price shall be as advertised on the official Lauren Grace Inspirations website at the precise time this situation arises. This provision underscores the significance of actively engaging in affiliate efforts and achieving sales targets within the specified timeframe, thereby maintaining the collaborative spirit and goals of the affiliate program.

Affiliates must adhere to the latest privacy policy and terms and conditions, which render all preceding terms and conditions null and void.