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I support soul-led women to feel empowered through transformative courses, mentorship, and readings so they can live the life they choose.

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The Ultimate Vision Board Guide:
10 Tips to Turn Your Dreams into Reality.

Feeling stuck in the same old routine? Guess what, right now is a perfect time for a fresh start.


Who do you aspire to become? Where do you dream of going? What's missing in your life? If you had a magic wand, how would you change your future?


If you want more love, success, health, or abundance, this guide is where to start.

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These special templates found in this workbook are like your secret tool for making people remember you when you talk to them. Whether it's clients, investors, or partners, you want to stand out.


Your journey to success begins with a great elevator pitch, and these templates are your starting point.


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My name is Lauren Grace, host of The Afterlight Podcast, mindset and manifestation coach and medium.


With over two decades of experience in self-development and a passion for empowering soul-led women, my mission is clear: I'm here to help you master your mindset so you can manifest your dream life. 

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