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My name is Lauren Grace, host of The Afterlight Podcast, mindset and manifestation coach and medium.

With over two decades of experience in self-development and a passion for empowering soul-led women, my mission is clear: I'm here to help you tap into your inner power so you can manifest your dream life.

Drawing from my diverse background in radio, online platforms, events, management, marketing, and sales, I offer comprehensive coaching in mindset, business, manifestation and soul development. My goal is simple: to guide you towards unlocking your potential so you can love your life and business.

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Host of The Afterlight Podcast
Mindset and Productivity Coach, Medium

As the owner and operator of Lauren Grace Inspirations, I work with Soul-led Entrepreneurs to help them Master Their Mindset so they can live the life they choose!

Throughout my career, I have worked with and continue to work with a wide range of organizations, including many involved in the NDIS and hospitality. Through our work together, these organizations have scaled, further developed and supported their staff and cultivated a happier and more resilient workplace culture. It brings me immense pride to see these organizations' success under my guidance.

I help (and have helped) organizations by facilitating workshops, onboarding and training that teach self-awareness, relationship-building, and leadership skills. These workshops are beneficial in improving team dynamics and increasing employee engagement, leading to improved productivity and retention rates.

In addition to online courses, workshops I also provide one-on-one and group coaching.

As a mindset and productivity coach, I also provide one-on-one mentoring (VIP days) to leaders and managers, helping them build their leadership skills and cultivate a positive mindset. I assist organizations in implementing time management strategies that improve productivity and efficiency. By teaching employees how to manage their time effectively, organizations reduce stress and overwhelm, leading to happier and more engaged employees.

My primary focus is to provide clients with practical strategies, tools, and resources they can utilize immediately. I am dedicated to helping organizations achieve their goals and become more resilient and prosperous. With my vast experience and expertise, I am confident in my ability to support any organization in overcoming challenges and realizing their goals.

Online Content Manager
Grant Broadcasters

During my five-year tenure as Digital Content Manager for Grant Broadcasters, I was responsible for the creation of marketing assets and delivering PR/sales and branding strategies for the digital radio network across Australia. I also developed new revenue streams generating hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I oversaw the training of 15 radio announcers and nearly 40 local and national media advertising executives on a regular basis. This training ranged from customized group training to highly-tailored one-on-one sessions.

I managed 10 radio station websites, with responsibility for website traffic, sales revenue, digital content, and client and station promotions. I oversaw the daily distribution of Australian Associated Press content syndication across the digital radio network which generated nearly one million pageviews in 2019.

I was the administrator and content manager for over 15 Facebook accounts, 6 Instagram accounts, 8 YouTubes accounts, and 8 Twitter accounts.

Promotions Manager
Grant Broadcasters

Marketing and Promotions Manager for Hot 100 and Mix 104.9 in Darwin, Northern Territory. During my tenure at Hot 100 and Mix 104.9, I was responsible for all on-air, on the street and online promotions and the maintenance of the corresponding calendars.

I oversaw and executed a multitude of projects which included running anywhere from 5-15 promotions at a time, writing all the on-air and web content, create proposals for sales department aimed at all types of clients, and work with on-air and programming and web teams.

I oversaw station re-branding and executed station and individual show marketing on-air, online, on the streets, in print, and on television, including assisting in the development and implementation of a station rewards program. I created and executed sponsorship opportunities, hired, trained and managed street team and acquired, allocated and executed all prizes, and giveaways for each station and the promotional vehicles.

Working closely with the digital team to re-vamp our websites, I helped ensure content was relevant, links were working, and graphics were updated. One of our goals was to ensure that we increased time spent online and that all information was updated and kept on brand.

Owner & Producer
Graceful Productions

As the producer for my production company: ‘Graceful Productions’ I was responsible for creating, organizing, marketing and executing unique events on a regular basis for all types of clients. These ranged from high-end government receptions to speed dating to DJ dance parties to artist receptions to community festivals and everything in between.

As the producer for 'Graceful Productions’, I was responsible for creating, organizing, marketing and executing unique events on a regular basis for all types of clients, organizing over 300 events over the years.

Brave New Works, Brave New Words

Over my tenure as artistic director and later producer, Brave New Works worked with over 75 artists in a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. Providing opportunities for them to mentor and workshop with a professional dramaturge, showcase their works in professional venues and receive audience feedback.

This collective was handed over to two talented producers upon my move to Australia and is still running today.

Owner & Founder
Rah Rah Gallery, Art with Heart

Rah Rah Gallery was a gallery, a venue, an events space and a dessert hub.

During my year starting and running Rah Rah Gallery, I was responsible for all aspects of the business including programing, marketing, maintance and the day to day running of the business. I sold the business to move to Australia.

Radio Announcer & Producer
98.1 CHON FM

Announcer/Operator for Digital Drum, Sunday Brunch, Spirit of the Mid-Day and Yukon Now. As an on-air announcer/operator for the Northern Native Broadcasting Yukon at 98.1 CHON FM, I produced and panelled for different programs over two years.

I also researched and conducted over 500 interviews per year, produced audio, wrote, researched, and voiced newscasts, and voiced commercials, emceed, networked with the community and created relationships with local, national and international artists and record labels.

I also worked as a producer and audio engineer for multiple organizations, including CBC Yukon, the Women’s Directorate, Yukon Historical Museums Association, The Yukon Transportation Museum and more.

The Pivot Festival and the Pivot Kids Festival

As producer/production manager for the festivals, organized employee schedules and staff associated with productions, organized venues/rehearsal spaces, flights and accommodation and riders for local, international and national artist as well as production budgets.

This was such a fabulous and memorable experience! I love working with live theatre and loved working with Nakai!This was such a fabulous and memorable experience! I love working with live theatre and loved working with Nakai!

Production Manager
Nakai Theatre’s Pivot Festival

Nakai Theatre’s Pivot Festival has been a highlight of the Yukon theatre season for the past seven years, presenting some of Canada’s most innovative, cutting-edge performance.

Pivot encouraged/encourages audiences to re-evaluate their assumptions about the nature of theatre and offered/offers not only ground-breaking performances, but also exciting workshops and fabulous after parties!

Promotions Manager

Baked Cafe

As promotions manager for Baked Café, I organized and promoted monthly spoken word shows, a monthly visual art show, art openings, receptions, and other specialty events

Producer, Promoter

Coasters Bar and Grill

I set up contacts with artists and management for local, national and international artists, organized and negotiated contracts, assisted with promotions and media coverage and organized technical requirements for artists


Uth Ink

I acted as facilitator for this project, working with the young playwrights, liasing between youth playwrights and mentoring playwright, chairing meetings amongst participants,, helping with installation, organizing workshops and assisting with media coverage

Project Manager

Yukon Liquor Corporation

As the project manager for Protect Yourself, Protect Your Drink, I was responsible in part for the development of the PYPD messaging and the execution of that messaging

Singer, Songwriter

The Lore

Singer, songwriter with The Lore, album: Emergence

Singer, Songwriter

Yukon Women in Music

Singer, songwriter with Yukon Women in Music

Performer, Playwright


Playwright and performer for FOMO

Artist, Performer

Canada Games

Artist delegate for the Canada Games

TV Host, Emcee

North of Ordinary

TV host for North of Ordinary and Emcee for tens of events and shows

Artist, Performer

Brave New Works

Artist with Brave New Works


The Know

As a columnist for the ‘The Know’, a regular arts-focused column, I researched all topics and content for articles, wrote the articles and met deadlines.


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