Does any of this sound like you?

You are struggling with being compassionate and loving yourself

You feeling lost or stuck in your spiritual journey

You are wondering about your life purpose

You want to connect with your passed over loved ones and Spirit Guides

You are seeking guidance and clarity on your path

You need some outside support and a new perspective on an issue or question

If you answered yes to any of these questions, book in a reading with me here, your Spirit family would love to hear from you.

Spiritual Readings

As an Intuitive, Evidential Medium and Seer, I work with professionals who want to connect with their passed -over loved ones, explore past lives, find their life purpose or receive general support in their everyday live and future.

All the work I do is from the light and I am focused on helping you feel supported, comforted and reasured. I work with your Higher-self, Spirit Guides, Angels and Ancestors to deliver messages, guidance and loving support.

I also specialzie in helping you find your life purpose, past lives, support you in your professional career and help you in making important life choices.

"She was spot on."

"I was lucky to find Lauren and have her read for me. She was spot on regarding some of the things I'm dealing with. I usually don't have readings that deal with current issues, future issues, and mediumship, so that was a wonderful addition. I recommend a reading from her. She's positive and very detail oriented. Highly recommend!" Chrissy

Benefits from our spiritual readings

Deep insights: Lauren can access deep wisdom and understanding about your life and journey. She can help you better understand your purpose and the challenges you are facing.

Healing and transformation: Spiritual readings can be a powerful tool for healing and transformation. By gaining a deeper understanding of your inner self and the energies in your life, you can make positive changes and move forward with greater purpose.

Clarity and direction: Are you feeling lost or unsure of your next steps? A spiritual reading with Lauren Grace can provide the clarity and direction you need to move forward confidently.

Personalized guidance: Lauren's spiritual readings are tailored to the individual, so you can be sure you are receiving guidance, advice and support that is specific to your needs and goals.

Don't let uncertainty or confusion hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards greater clarity and understanding with a spiritual reading from Lauren Grace.

Spiritual Mentorship and Workshops

Get ready to grow in love, confidence and connection with yourself.

My workshops include:

Easy to implement habits to help you quiet the thoughts in your mind.

Loving exercises to help you connect with your heart and your inner desires and dreams.

Proven strategies to help you create healthy boundaries and protect your energy.

Gentle methods to ease anxiety and develop deeper levels of trust and acceptance.

Healing meditations to release insecurity and anxiety so you can feel more confident in your skin.

Simple strategies to help you connect with the elements of water, fire, earth and air.

See our up coming events here.

"I truly recommend her readings."

"I’m thankful to Lauren, who opened her heart to listen to what my guides and deceased loved ones had to share with me. She was not only very loving and kind thought the session but also very professional. I truly recommend her readings to anyone seeking to connect with their guides and loved ones in “the other realm”. Thank you, Lauren, I’m sure we will meet again in future sessions. I’m truly grateful to you." Laura

The Afterlight Podcast

The Afterlight Podcast is a Spiritual podcast full of stories and conversations that prove we‘re never alone.

The podcast aims to help listeners develop spiritually and expand their awareness through modalities like Astrology, Divination, Angels and the Afterlife, Holistic living, Magick and more.

New episode every Thursday. Listen here.