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In 60 minutes, you will learn how to:

  • Stop overextending yourself without being racked with guilt
  • Start saying no to requests that aren’t for you
  • Start feeling way less stressed
  • Unlock the secret to getting on top of your tasks so you can have more impact

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What People Are Saying

"Lauren’s masterclass has been so helpful. I often get very overwhelmed with everything there is to do in a business.

Her course helped guide me on how to relax and listen to my intuition to make a decision. I also loved her take on not working all the time and taking time to have fun.

Lauren is a beautiful soul and everything she does is helpful and made with love."


Chrissy, Mindset Coach

"I took the Free Masterclass for Spiritual Professionals that Lauren offered.

This course offered tools to free up time I would normally spend working. A course worth doing, in my opinion!"


Karen, Administration Manager

Enlightened Efficiency Program for Soul-Led Entrepreneurs

The Enlightened Efficiency Program for Soul-Led Entrepreneurs is specifically designed to help you learn to manage your energy, prioritize your time, and optimize your productivity and experience more freedom so you can share your products and services with the world while still honouring your spiritual practice and purpose.

What people are saying:

"This course is amazing, it's so easy to understand, paced really well, and I could take my time with it. I will be recommending it to people.


Martina, Psychic Medium

"I have put so much in place – I love that you recommended Trello. I actually started using that about a month ago, it saved my life." 


Hayley, Founder of Finding Your Centre - Women's Groups & Retreats

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